DIY Glass Pool Fencing and Ballustrading

Our range of frameless glass pool fencing and balustrade is a great investment to your home. Pool Fence Panels are available from 100mm to 1800mm, Balustrade Panels are available from 400mm to 1800mm catering for most jobs.  Custom glass can be supplied to suit if required. All mini posts and fittings available for DIY. Handrails for balustrade can be manufactured to suit any application.

DIY  Installation Instructions for Frameless Pool Fencing Guidelines


It is important to contact your local authority to find out the Pool Fence Regulations in your area. For Queensland you can use the following link: Queensland Government Department of Housing and Publick Works.

Decide what configuration best complements your surroundings and complies with regulations. This could simply be straight panels, or you can follow the pool shape.

Draw a simple sketch showing a plan of the pool fence, pool and surroundings. Decide the spacing required between panels and your pool’s edge and the fence.


Understand the set out, and once you are familiar, you can begin to mark it out on a sketch. Try to fit standard glass panel lengths.  If this is not possible, special panels can be made to order to the required length which we recommend to try to fit at the end of the fence so as not to compromise the overall look of the fence.

Once all the measurements have been made it will be necessary to mark your preferred gate position. (Remember a pool gate must always open away from the pool and can open from left to right or right to left depending on your requirements and preferences.)

When considering the gate position the standard product lengths should also be taken into account.

Setting out

The string line is most important when setting out your fence, this is the centre line for the fence where you mark the panel positions.

Mark out each piece of glass taping or marking where each panel starts and finishes, allowing gaps of no more than 100mm (suggested is 33mm)  Once you are satisfied, mark your mini posts positions with a large cross for core drilling.  Normally the mini posts are located ¼ distance in from end of the glass.  e.g.  1400mm wide glass divide 4 = 350mm.

Gate measurement is 903mm between glass hinge panel and glass latch panel.  It is important to get this measurement accurate.

Core Drilling

Where you have marked the centre lines for mini posts you need to core drill a hole into the concrete 75mm diameter x approx 120mm deep.  No Less.  Core drilling can be done yourself with core drilling tools available from most hire companies. Once the cores have been drilled and removed dry out holes of excess water.

Glass Installation

Lay the glass onto a surface that will not damage the glass, bolt the mini posts to the bottom of the glass, making sure you use rubber sleeves in the holes to form a barrier between the bolt & glass and nylon packers underneath glass.

Using a block of timber at approximately the height you require placed under the fence panel at each end, suggested 70mm, however this can vary.

Place the glass into the holes and secure with wedges or props.  Once you have secured & levelled this piece of glass you can start the next piece following the same process keeping the top edges level.

To glue the mini posts, it is recommended you use a non shrink grout class A or similar.

Please read manufacturers instructions carefully.  This normally takes 12 hours to dry.  When dry, props or wedges can be removed.

Gate & Latch Installation

Install the gate to the latch panel with spring loaded hinges, then install the magnetic latch to gate and latch panel.

The gate must open away from swimming pool with the latch fitted to the inside of pool area on gate.  Gate must then be tensioned to ensure automatic closing.